Tokyo Ghoul Opening 1 “Unravel” (English Dub by Angela A.K.A Pierrot)


by jinx4souls

MasakakiXreader-I Kinda Like You
!Language warning!

  All she did was stare. She stared into the eyes of Masakaki. His yellow and pink eyes staring back and a inhumanly large smile on his face. He sat on the couch and (name) sitting in a comfortable spot in a chair. They sat across from each other, a small coffee table blocking them.

~Mini flashback and explanation~

  Lets start at the beginning, a beginning after these two met and is quite really recent actually. The (h/c) haired girl was running home from work and she was tired. Her hair was messier than usual and her clothes disheveled. This young lady was studying to become a doctor

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by missmargostarr11

by missmargostarr11 

Questionhola, como estas? de donde eres? :D Answer

Lo siento, hola